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Collaboration: A must-have in the New Age

In undertaking any large new project, both individuals and corporates typically build a plan. The old adage comes to mind, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. We conjure likely scenarios and aim to design strategies that address known risks and opportunities. The mental serve and return of this process often leads to over- think or mind-chatter.

Establishing a learning legacy through sustainability

Republic Bank appreciates the importance of improving the fate of all communities in which we operate and creating a legacy of sustainable growth for our stakeholders. To ensure this happens we've identified United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13 as the Group's top priorities since signing on to the Principles of Responsible Banking namely: affordable and clean energy and climate action.

The Impact of the Divergent Global Economic Recovery on Key Industries

The IMF, in its April 2021 World Economic Outlook, confirmed that the global economy contracted by 3.3 percent in 2020, which though severe, was below the 4.4 percent slide it projected just six months prior. The better-than-expected outturn is attributable to the extraordinary fiscal and monetary policy initiatives that many countries adopted to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 virus.

RBL’s Sustainable Development Goal 9

Global crises present opportunities for problem-solvers. Those who catalyze the necessary solutions have the potential to establish some of the world’s largest and fastest growing sectors in the future, while also having a significant impact on the world.

Sustainable Development and You

Many of you, I'm sure, are familiar with the term "Sustainable Development." Indeed, it has been something of a buzzword/term for us in the Caribbean for quite some time. However, we frequently hear terms like Sustainable Development and toss them into the same part of our brains where we store other concepts like World Peace; a sad but true fact for the majority of us.

Embracing A Cashless Future Is Getting Easier

The cashless trend has been picking up significant momentum in recent years as key market players like Paypal, Apple, GooglePay, Amazon and Alibaba allow for their customers to pay for goods and services online by using their integrated systems.


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