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Shifting Sands

Many employers have had an initial issue of trust with remote work, perhaps thinking that employees are slacking off. However, this is a fundamental error, in fact productivity has been seen to increase during remote work, as has cost -savings, enhanced employee morale, as well as an expansion of recruitment options for the company.

The Socio- Economic Impact of the Global Pandemic is Real

The COVID-19 pandemic is so much more than a health crisis. Alongside the cost of lives lost, globally, it has triggered one of the worst job losses since the Great Depression.

The Tabanca Is Real – A Look at how a Carnival free year disrupted the economy

Trinidad Carnival, a tsunami of art, colour, costume and dance - known to be the biggest street party on Earth - was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic after is was described as “the perfect environment for the spreading of the virus” by Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley.

Common Borrowing Mistakes

In the wake of the devastation that Covid-19 related restrictions have caused to many businesses and some entire sectors of the economy

The Right Leadership Mindset

Today’s business leaders face unprecedented challenge. They are under constant pressure from various external sources, as well as themselves, to serve, inspire, and lead.
So before we go any further, let’s take a deep breath. Let it out. (Repeat)
You are doing well. Now, let’s keep going.

Taking the Wheel

In today’s world we hardly notice how easy it has become to manage our finances. For many of us it is merely routine to bank from multiple devices, be it the phone or laptop, often in the comfort of our home. Without a second thought, we can conveniently and quickly check our account balance, transfer funds, deposit or withdraw money, pay bills and shop without even entering the store, ATM or banking hall.


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