Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plans

Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plan

What is the Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plan?

TISP is a flexible, affordable retirement investment plan which allows you to accumulate cash for long-term needs.  You can achieve significant tax benefits as contributions made (up to $50,000 less 70% of NIS) towards this plan are tax deductible. You can also select the plan's maturity date which can be between your 50th and 70th birthdays. At that time, you can get a tax free lump sum and invest the remainder in an annuity.

Which TISP suits you best?
There are two versions of the plan available, the Republic TISP and the Republic Equity TISP.
  • Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plans (TISP)
    The majority of the assets of this plan are invested in a diversified portfolio of debt securities. Some equities are included to help combat the effects of inflation over the long-term.

  • Republic Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plans (ETISP)
    With features and benefits similar to those of the Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plan, the Republic Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plan seeks to improve long-term investment returns by investing primarily in equity securities. This is an ideal option for individual with a long time horizon before retirement.

To achieve long-term growth primarily through income and capital appreciation in order to provide investors with returns that will assist in meeting their retirement goals.

Republic Wealth Management Ltd. (established July 1, 2014 and formerly the asset management arm of the Trust and Asset Management Division [established 1938] of Republic Bank) manages TISP. We were the first bank to offer this type of retirement investment product in Trinidad and Tobago. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. has a knowledgeable investment team with over fifty years in investment management experience and manages billions in assets on behalf of individuals and institutional clients.

Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plan
  • Rate declared annually
  • Interest rate net of all charges
  • Interest is paid retroactively, based on the minimum monthly balance of the account for the previous year
Republic Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plan

The price per unit of the fund is calculated daily, based on the net asset value of all securities in the portfolio. Income is reinvested in the fund, so that gains are reflected as an increase in the net asset value of the units held.

The earlier you start TISP, the more money you can accumulate for retirement.
Note: You must be at least eighteen years old to invest in TISP.

Affordable and Flexible

Affordable and flexible: You can start your plan with as little as $100 monthly. You also have the flexibility to start, stop or change at any time and you can contribute in installments or in lump sums, giving you control over your investments as your financial needs change.

No  Charges to Contributors

Unlike some annuity plans, where your contributions are significantly eroded by charges, 100% of your contributions work for you.

Higher Tax Free Lump Sum at maturity

TISP gives investors the option at maturity to take 100% of their interest/earnings and 25% of total contributions, TAX-FREE. The remaining 75% can be used to purchase an annuity that provides you with income for life. Alternatively, the plan holder may direct the entire plan value, or some amount between the two extremes, towards the purchase of the annuity.

Select your own annuity provider

Upon the maturity of the plan, you can select an annuity provider with whom you feel most comfortable. To make this selection process more convenient, we obtain quotes from various providers for you.

Choice of a suitable plan

Your appetite for risk may change as you approach retirement. You can manage the risk in your retirement portfolio by managing exposure to the Republic TISP and the Republic Equity TISP through transfers between the plans.

Plan your estate

You can appoint or change your beneficiary at any time during the life of the plan. If you die before the maturity date, the full value of your plan less any taxes due under the law will be paid to your nominated beneficiary.

Choose the maturity date

You can choose a maturity date between the ages of 50 and 70. This date can be easily changed if necessary.

The earlier you start TISP, the more money you can accumulate for retirement, as illustrated below.

  • You must be at least eighteen years old to invest TISP
  • Monthly contribution: $500
  • Estimated rate of return: 3.25%
15 Years $133,399 $22,500
20 Years $163,830 $30,000
25 Years $222,294 $37,500
30 Years $290,070 $45,000
How to Apply?

Simply contact any one of our Marketing Officers who will provide additional information and help you open your Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plans or your Republic Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plans.

Contact us

Interested investors can call 1-868-625-4411 extension 69918 or send an email to

Documentation Needed

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have:
Two (2) forms of Identification (e.g. National Identification Card, Passport or Driver's Licence)
Recent Utility Bill; Authorization Letter if Bill is not in your name
Job Letter
Pay slip
Required Deposit for opening
Proof of Board of Inland Revenue Number


This investment is not insured with the Deposit Insurance Corporation in Trinidad and Tobago or guaranteed by any of the parties involved. This investment and any income from it may fluctuate from time to time and the investor may not receive the amount originally invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Information on current interest rates, fees and charges applicable to this product and any other service is available upon request at any of our branches.

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