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Register for BalanceCover and you’re GUARANTEED to WIN.

It’s an entirely digital experience!

BalanceCover allows you to protect your family's future by having the outstanding balance on your credit card reduced or paid in full, in the event of disability or death.

There has never been a better time to get BalanceCover coverage!

For the period July 1 – September 30, 2021, customers who register their credit card for BalanceCover through the Customer Portal only, will receive TT$50 credited to their credit card account!

But that’s not all!

Every month, we’ll be giving away ten US$50 Amazon gift cards to customers who registered through the Customer BalanceCover Portal!

Terms and Conditions

  • The credit card must be registered through the Customer BalanceCover portal An email will be sent to the email address provided and must be verified by the customer in order to qualify.
  • Only one credit of TT$50 per credit card account, will be applied, for the duration of the promotion.
  • Only the main applicant of the credit card account can register for BalanceCover.
  • Credits and Amazon gift cards will be provided after the promotional period has ended.

Visit our BalanceCover Portal and register today!

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