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Going Digital - Part Four

Part 4: Looking back to move forward

Going through the process of revamping our website and launching our social media pages taught us a lot about the best practices and common mistakes businesses often encounter when undergoing a digital transformation.

Going Digital - Part Three

Part 3: A Cultural Shift

Virtually everyone who is familiar with our digital journey knows the story of how we lost access to our Facebook page.

Going Digital - Part Two

Part 2: Strategic change by the books

After our attempts at a website for teenagers and our first Facebook page, our next concerted attempt at building an online presence came when we decided to redesign our main website in 2014.

Going Digital: From websites to social media and the story of how we got there

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on past accomplishments, plan our direction for the future and take stock of the areas where we have experienced the most growth.

Building on Guyana's Strengths

In an earlier blog, I highlighted a few of the many opportunities for both local and foreign entities committed to working together to build on Guyana’s strengths, and realize its potential to be a competitive player in the global oil and gas industry. Notable among these strengths is Guyana’s robust, liquid and stable financial services sector which is well-positioned to serve as a solid foundation for its emerging oil and gas sector.

A World in Flux

Change is a one syllable word that generates optimism in some people, but consternation and resistance in others. The response, of course, depends on the situation and the individual’s personal outlook. But when embraced, we often find that change is in fact good.


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