Republic Bank Videos

    TTFF presents Community Cinema Series
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, August 9, 2018: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TT Film Festival) is an annual event...
    09 Aug 2018
    Folk Tales And Storytelling Captivates Tobago Audience
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, July 31, 2018: Tourists, villagers and other locals made their way through the steep, winding...
    06 Aug 2018
    Republic Bank Laventille Netball League Opens Organisers Appeal to Ministry for support
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 27, 2018: The 32nd Republic Bank Laventille Netball League got off to a fine start on...
    30 Jul 2018
    Republic Financial Holdings Records $993.3 Million Profit at Third Quarter
    Port of Spain, Trinidad: July 26, 2018: Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) has recorded a profit attributable...
    26 Jul 2018

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    Prices as at 17/08/2018
    Republic Money Market Fund
    Price Per Unit Yield August 2018
    TT$100.00 1.30%
    Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund
    Price Per Unit Income Distribution as at 14/06/18
    104.9030 0.3482
    Republic Caribbean Equity Fund
    Offer Price Bid Price Income Distribution as at 31/07/18
    TT$58.16 TT$57.02 TT$0.4003
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