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Strength in Unity?

The notable growth and success of the Jamaica Stock Exchange has brought the subject of capital market integration into focus among Caribbean governments and its financial institutions, with the Jamaica government leading the charge in closing the gap.

Lent Leadership; Learning Leadership

With the curtain drawn on Trinbago Carnival 2020, the Season of Lent brings with it the age-old tropes and practices of fasting and self-restraint.

How Can Mobile Payments Benefit Your Business?

Where’s your phone right now? On the table next to you? Your pocket? Your purse? Chances are it’s within reach because a modern phone isn’t just a device to make calls.

Stronger Economy through Healthier People

When we think of the economy, we normally consider such things as the performance of Gross Domestic Product, rates of employment, trends in the business environment and in the case of Trinidad and Tobago, the performance of the energy sector.

10 Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

Habits are peculiar. Modern psychology attests to this fact by stating that habits form as a way of giving our brains a rest from active decision-making. So when a habit forms, our brains stop paying attention to that particular activity and begins to focus on other tasks.

Buyer Beware

Acquisitions can be very attractive. They make great PR and signal the purchasing company’s strength, growth and longevity. A 2019 PricewaterhouseCoopers study on M&A trends* , however, issues a word of caution - 53% of acquisitions underperform their industry peers, on average, in the 24 months following completion of the deal.


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