Republic Bank and MARVISTA Institute Support Farmers with Crop Management in the midst of Climate Change

Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 4, 2024: Following Trinidad and Tobago’s close call with Hurricane Beryl on July 1, local farmers from Point Fortin and environs gathered for a one-day seminar aimed at improving their crop management in the face of challenges presented by climate change. Titled ‘Climate Change: Management of Crops Through Flood, Drought & Heat’, the seminar was hosted on July 2 by the MARVISTA Institute for Agricultural Training and Development (MIATD) in conjunction with Republic Bank’s Power to Make a Difference (PMAD) programme.

The seminar brought together a diverse group of farmers, agricultural experts, and climate scientists aimed to provide valuable insights and strategies for farmers to effectively manage their crops in the face of increasingly demanding climate conditions. Participants engaged in interactive workshops focused on flood, drought, and heat management techniques for agricultural producers. Attendees also received valuable knowledge on climate-smart agriculture and financial literacy for agri-entrepreneurs.

“Workshops like these are fundamental in educating local farmers on new and sustainable methods and techniques which will eventually lead to the long-term health and productivity of our local agricultural systems in an evolving environment” stated Tricia Bissoon-Pollard, Manager of Republic Bank’s Centre for Business Innovation in her delivery of the sponsor’s remarks.

Through the Power to Make a Difference programme, Republic Bank is committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on Zero Hunger, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Climate Action. This collaboration with MIATD aligns with the Bank's goal to equip farmers and agri-entrepreneurs with environmentally sustainable practices to enhance the local agricultural sector and contribute to economic diversification efforts.

The Bank’s commitment to support the agriculture industry also includes the recent launch of its specialised Agri Business Loan product tailored to meet the unique needs of all within the agri-ecosystem. This customised loan solution provides agri-entrepreneurs with 2-plus years of experience. with access to financial resources, technical support, and training opportunities to help implement sustainable farming practices and improve productivity and profitability.

The event concluded with farmers proudly showcasing their certificates, highlighting their commitment to implementing sustainable practices in their agricultural operations.

July 4, 2024
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