Using The Power


The Power to Learn. The Power to Care. The Power to Help. The Power to Succeed.

Built on these pillars, the Power to Make a Difference programme provides the opportunity to engage diverse communities in the pursuit of sustainable development. With each successful alliance, together we help bridge the distance in building a more successful, inclusive and caring society.

Currently in its fourth phase, (2019 - 2023), the Programme’s main focus is on business development and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit; empowering many individuals to aspire to their greatest potentials.

Through an overall investment of TTD$122 million, we have recommitted our resources to:

  • Augmenting youth development through education, literacy, sport, arts and culture through the Power to Learn.
  • Supporting healthcare initiatives, care for the elderly, and the needs of persons with disabilities through the Power to Care.
  • Investing in poverty alleviation programmes and empower the socially marginalised through the Power to Help.
  • Championing business development programmes, environmental preservation and the pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence through the Power to Succeed.

The Power to Make Difference programme stands today as a promise and a shared desire to do what we can today to help build a better tomorrow.

With so many stories unfolding, check out any of our social media pages for more on the successes of the individuals and communities leading the cause for positive change in the region.

  • Horses Helping Humans - Hippotherapy sessions
  • Transplant Links Community/National Organ Transplant Unit
  • Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society - National Educare Symposiums and Bubbles for Life Walk, Run and Dance event
  • SickKids Foundation - Caribbean Initiative
  • Hope of A Miracle Foundation
  • The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain - Holy Rosary Church Restoration Works
  • Loveuntil Foundation - Youth Outreach Programme
  • Adult Literacy Tutors Association - Reading Circles and Remedial Classes
  • In Full Flight!
  • Restore A Sense of I Can Tech Club
  • Zebapique Productions
  • Emancipation Support Committee National African History Quiz and Spoken Word Competition
  • Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha - Baal Vikaas Vihaar
  • School Leadership Center - Leading for Literacy Now!
  • Butler Institute of Lifelong Learning
  • Republic Bank Love Movement Youth Outreach Programme
  • The Cotton Tree Foundation Homework Centre
  • Republic Bank Junior Parade of the Bands
  • Republic Bank Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme
  • Monlo Music Limited
  • National Carnival Bands Association Mas Academy Youth Outreach Programme
  • National Primary and Secondary Schools Water Polo League
  • Republic Bank Laventille Netball League
  • Andrew Lewis Sailing Camp
  • Junior Golf Open in Trinidad
  • Jane Young Junior Golf Clinic in Tobago
  • Tobago International Sea to Sea Marathon
  • Republic Bank Youth Football League
  • Republic Bank Exodus Steel Band
  • National Association of Athletics Administrations of T&T
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