Using The Power


The Power to Learn. The Power to Care. The Power to Help. The Power to Succeed.

Built on these pillars, the Power to Make a Difference programme provides the opportunity to engage diverse communities in the pursuit of sustainable development. With each successful alliance, together we help bridge the distance in building a more successful, inclusive and caring society.

Currently in its fourth phase, (2019 - 2023), the Programme’s main focus is on business development and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit; empowering many individuals to aspire to their greatest potentials.

Through an overall investment of TTD$122 million, we have recommitted our resources to:

  • Augmenting youth development through education, literacy, sport, arts and culture through the Power to Learn.
  • Supporting healthcare initiatives, care for the elderly, and the needs of persons with disabilities through the Power to Care.
  • Investing in poverty alleviation programmes and empower the socially marginalised through the Power to Help.
  • Championing business development programmes, environmental preservation and the pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence through the Power to Succeed.

The Power to Make Difference programme stands today as a promise and a shared desire to do what we can today to help build a better tomorrow.

With so many stories unfolding, check out our Power to Make A Difference Instagram page @powertomakeadifference for more on the successes of the individuals and communities leading the cause for positive change in our country.

  • Horses Helping Humans - Hippotherapy sessions
  • Transplant Links Community/National Organ Transplant Unit
  • Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society - National Educare Symposiums and Bubbles for Life Walk, Run and Dance event
  • SickKids Foundation - Caribbean Initiative
  • Hope of A Miracle Foundation
  • The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain - Holy Rosary Church Restoration Works
  • Loveuntil Foundation - Youth Outreach Programme
  • Adult Literacy Tutors Association - Reading Circles and Remedial Classes
  • In Full Flight!
  • Restore A Sense of I Can Tech Club
  • Zebapique Productions
  • Emancipation Support Committee National African History Quiz and Spoken Word Competition
  • Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha - Baal Vikaas Vihaar
  • School Leadership Center - Leading for Literacy Now!
  • Butler Institute of Lifelong Learning
  • Republic Bank Love Movement Youth Outreach Programme
  • The Cotton Tree Foundation Homework Centre
  • Republic Bank Junior Parade of the Bands
  • Republic Bank Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme
  • Monlo Music Limited
  • National Carnival Bands Association Mas Academy Youth Outreach Programme
  • National Primary and Secondary Schools Water Polo League
  • Republic Bank Laventille Netball League
  • Andrew Lewis Sailing Camp
  • Junior Golf Open in Trinidad
  • Jane Young Junior Golf Clinic in Tobago
  • Tobago International Sea to Sea Marathon
  • Republic Bank Youth Football League
  • Republic Bank Exodus Steel Band
  • National Association of Athletics Administrations of T&T
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