Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund


What is the Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund?

The Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund is an open-ended mutual fund established for investors seeking the potential for higher returns on their US dollars over the medium to long term investment horizon.

What is the Investment Objective of this Fund?

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek a high total investment return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities denominated in United States dollars.

What is the Fund's Investment Strategy?

The fund invests primarily in fixed income securities, including sovereign debt, of issuers in various countries, with a view that such securities should provide a high income yield or have potential for capital appreciation.

Who should invest in this Fund?

This Fund is ideal for investors with some tolerance of risk, who are seeking an attractive alternative for obtaining competitive rates on their funds through a well defined investment strategy.

Attractive Returns

Fixed Income Securities traditionally provide higher investment returns than conventional savings accounts. The Fund therefore provides you with an attractive alternative for accessing potential higher returns on your US$ funds.

Professional Management

Republic Wealth Management Ltd. (established July 1, 2014 and formerly the asset management arm of the Trust and Asset Management Division [established 1938] of Republic Bank) is the appointed asset manager of the Fund. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. has a knowledgeable investment team with over fifty years in investment management experience and manages billions in assets on behalf of individual and institutional clients.


Republic Bank's extensive branch network makes it easy for you to access the Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund.


You can redeem your investment at anytime. However, funds withdrawn within one (1) year of being invested in the fund will attract a fee of 1%.


A percentage of your Fund balance can be used as collateral.

Income & Distribution

The Trustee will make distributions out of the net realised income of the Fund. Distribution of income will be made quarterly and reinvested automatically in additional units. However, you can opt to have your distribution paid to you.


Semi-annual statements are issued to unit holders.

Initial Investment US$ 3,000.00
Min. Subsequent Investment US$ 500.00
Unit Price The price is determined daily by the calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV) per Unit. The NAV per Unit will be calculated by dividing the Net Asset Value of the fund by the total number of Units outstanding on the relevant Valuation Date.
How to Apply?

Simply contact any one of our Marketing Officers who will provide additional information and help you open your Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund.

Contact us

Interested investors can call 1-868-625-4411 extension 69918 or send an email to

Documentation Needed

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have:
Two (2) forms of Identification (e.g. National Identification Card, Passport or Driver's Licence)
Recent Utility Bill; Authorization Letter if Bill is not in your name
Job Letter
Pay slip
Required Deposit for opening


Important information concerning the investment goals, risks, charges and expenses is contained in the prospectus, copies of which are available from any branch of Republic Bank Limited or from our website and should be read carefully before investing. This investment is not insured or guaranteed by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, Republic Bank Limited, its parent company Republic Financial Holdings Limited, any affiliates or subsidiaries of the Republic Financial Group or any person or corporation. Performance is subject to variation and is likely to change over time. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

Inception date:August 2012

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