Girls from Success Laventille Secondary School benefit from ‘Becoming Woman’ empowerment workshop

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, May 19 2023: During May 16-17, 2023, the Loveuntil Foundation hosted a Becoming Woman workshop for female students 13-19 years old at the Success Laventille Secondary School. Facilitated in partnership with Republic Bank, the programme aimed to equip participants with essential coping skills to navigate the various stages of female maturation.

The Becoming Woman programme addressed important topics related to physical and emotional development for female adolescents including communication skills, social graces, self-discipline, and social media etiquette. This knowledge was imparted through a combination of engaging activities such as group discussions, role play, videos, testimonials and insightful presentations.

Simone Jones, Manager of the Loveuntil Foundation empathised with the students that adolescence can have its emotional ups and downs and may feel like a lonely journey. She reminded them that “there are people like your teachers, counsellors, coaches, mentors and organizations…to assist and support you.” Reena Gopaul, Manager, Group Brand Management, Republic Bank encouraged the girls use the knowledge imparted in the workshop on their path “to becoming the strong, impactful and brilliant women that you are destined to be.”

Under its Power to Make a Difference programme, Republic Bank has partnered with Loveuntil Foundation on this noteworthy initiative as it firmly believes that by investing in youth development, it can contribute to building a better, more sustainable society.

May 19, 2023
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