Enjoy the Holidays by Celebrating Safely

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is a very social time. Rushing to complete Christmas shopping, cleaning and decorating our homes and getting together with family and friends to enjoy ham, turkey, ponche de crème, sorrel, pastels, paranging and dancing to our traditional Trini Christmas music. You usually cannot catch your breath! However, during a pandemic, the holidays are understandably going to be different…

As the holiday spirits grows, we may be tempted to temporarily let our guard down and join in the festivities. Except, the pandemic is still very much a reality and we must continue to be vigilant and safe. Many of us will gather and the decision on whether or not to socialize boils down to how much risk you are willing to take.

The World Health Organization has provided some tips on how to protect yourself and those around you for the holiday season. Click here to familiarize yourself with them.

As we eagerly anticipate the festivities, let us also use this time of year to be grateful, treat each other with kindness and respect, help those who are less fortunate and celebrate the good in the world.

I would like to wish you a holiday season that’s filled with peace, joy and love. Merry Christmas to all!

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