Asset Management Services


The investment management function is structured on a team basis. Each account is provided with research and portfolio management services distributed among four investment analysts under the direction of two Investment Managers.

A committee comprising the President, three (3) Vice Presidents and the General Manager, Wealth Management provides oversight of all pension portfolios to ensure that investment strategies are consistent with clients’ investment policies and objectives.

We provide a full range of investment management services:

  • We operate with discretion under the trust deed governing the fund, in line with the fund’s investment policy and strategy and in keeping with statutory guidelines.
  • We provide investment reports for the plan’s Trustee and Management Committee.
  • We present reports to the Trustee and Management Committee of the plan at regular meetings to discuss the performance of the fund according to stated benchmarks.
  • For foreign-owned companies, we operate consistent with the guidelines provided by the client’s global pension policies.


Under the Trinidad and Tobago Income Tax Ordinance, employers can set up a Group Savings Plan under trust so that, subject to certain limits, both the employers’ and the employees' contributions are tax deductible allowances.

Republic Wealth Management Ltd. performs the role of the asset manager for these plans while the Trust Services Division acts as Trustee.


Republic Bank’s family of Tax Incentive Savings Plans is based on the concept of securing your future while saving on taxes today. These plans were established under the Income Tax Act of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter 75:01. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. acts as the asset manager of the Individual Tax Incentive Savings Plans:
  • Republic Tax Incentive Savings Plan (TISP)
  • Republic Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plan (ETISP)


The Corporate Tax Incentive Savings Plans were designed under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of Trinidad and Tobago Section 134 (6). These provisions allow an employee’s earnings categorized as bonus and allowance income to be paid tax-free directly by the employer into a plan to generate retirement benefits for the employee. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. acts as the asset manager of the Corporate Tax Incentive Savings Plans:
  • Republic Corporate Tax Incentive Savings Plan (CTISP)
  • Republic Corporate Equity Tax Incentive Savings Plan (CETISP)


Republic Bank offers individuals the ability to meet their investment needs via Investment Management Contracts (IMC). Each IMC client has access to a dedicated analyst, who under the guidance of the Investment Manager will construct a portfolio tailor-made to meet the client’s unique goals, return objectives and risk tolerance. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. acts as the asset manager of the Investment Management Contracts.


Republic Bank’s suite of mutual funds is designed to give investors options for both a high total investment return and long term growth. Republic Wealth Management Ltd. acts as the asset manager of the suite of mutual funds:

  • Republic Money Market Fund (RMMF)
  • Republic Caribbean Equity Fund (RCEF)
  • Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund (RUSFIS)

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