Republic Bank Credit Card Holders

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  • A flat rate of Three United States Dollars and Fifty Cents (US$3.50) per pound for customers in Trinidad. Packages over 35 lbs will have a rate of Three United States Dollars (US$3.00) per pound for customers in Trinidad.
  • A Ten United States Dollars (US$10.00) discount coupon code with minimum purchase of Fifty United States Dollars (US$50.00) contained in the welcome email and valid for sixty (60) days to all new registrations using the landing page
  • Waived “Service Fee” of US$2.50 per package for the duration of the agreement.
  • Free delivery within Trinidad of packages up to 150 pounds. Customers located in Tobago will be charged an additional flat fee of Five United States Dollars (USD$5.00) as a service charge for transfer of shipments to Tobago
  • No fee for extra delivery attempt
  • Free customers clearance for shipments with a CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of less than USD$1,000.00
  • Full Internet tracking capabilities
  • Free Smart Phone App
  • Exclusive deals with leading brands through all inclusive shopping on
  • Package protection under the Warranty & Returns program referred to in the Terms and Conditions in the Schedule below.

If an account is not utilized within six (6) months of entry into a contract with the Service Provider, the Service Provider reserves the right to close this account at the end of the sixth month upon ten (10) days’ notice in writing to the Credit Card Customer.

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*Exclusive offer, valid for Republic Bank credit card holders only. Call 626-2376 for more information.
See Terms and Conditions at Restrictions may apply.

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