Branch Sales Managers


Arima, Shops of Arima

Ann Marie Phillips, Dip (Business Mgmt), IBAF, AAS

Centre City, Chaguanas

Marsha Lee Wing-Gopaul, Cert. (Banking) IBAF, Dip ( Business Mgmt.)

Cipero Street

Verlene Browne, ACCA, BSc (Mgmt.), MSc (Strategic Leadership Mgmt.)

Couva, Atlantic Plaza

Robert Seetaram , Dip. (Bkg.), IBAF

Diego Martin/Glencoe

Simone Anthony, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Ellerslie Court

Nadine Riley, BSc (Bkg. and Fin.)


Sonita Hosein

Gulf View

Keithan Weston, AIBAF, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Harris Promenade

Fazeeda Salamat, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

High Street

Davi Samaroo-Singh,BSc (Econ.)

Independence Square

John Peter Clarke, BA (Hons.), MA

Long Circular Mall

Acting BSM
Olivia Williams, MSc (Int’l Fin.) BSc (Bkg. and Fin.)


Acting BSM
Michelle Namsoo


Sharon Bertrand-Dwarica, BSc (Upper 2nd Class Hons.)(Mgmt. Studies)

Park Street/Hilton

Geeta Harricharan, BSc. (Bkg and Fin.), IMIS, Dip (Bkg.)


Acting BSM

Nerissa Doodhai-Ramdeen, MBA

Point Fortin

Damien Richards , BA (Bus. Mgmt.), Adv. Dip. Business Admin

Princes Town

Wendy Ann Joseph, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), AICB, MBA

Promenade Centre

Grant Dass

Rio Claro

Petal Ramdass, BSc (Info. Systms & Mgmt.)

Sangre Grande

Avinash Kalladeen

San Juan Lending Centre, San Juan

Vydanand Singh, Dip (Business Mgmt.)


Mukesh Harrikissoon, Dip (Law), Cert. (Banking)

South Park

Ralph Ragoonanan, MBA, AS (Business Management), Dip (Banking)


Auchenskeoch, Main Street, Crown Point

Operations Manager
Auriol Small, MBA, BSc.(Mgmt)

Area Manager
Cheryl Harrilal, Dip (Banking Management), MBA

Tragarete Road

Ann Marie Frederick – Phillips, Cert. (Intro to Human Resource Management)


Acting BSM

Cynthia Charles

Tunapuna West/East

Nirmala Seetaram-Harrilal, Dip. (Bkg.) (IBAF


Travis Sammy-Daniel, BSc (Bkg. and Fin.)

Valpark/ Grand Bazaar

Damian Barnes, BSc. (Mgmt)


Marcia Mohammed


Joann Solomon, BA (Mgmt.) Adv. Dip. ABE, MBA

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