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Major League- A value package designed for persons 49+


Major League Account - Privileges

Persons 60+ form a league
, a Major League that has earned the right to receive special privileges and a host of banking benefits. For this reason, we at Republic consider you extra special and have designed the MAJOR LEAGUE account. As a Major League account holder, you can enjoy our attractive tiered interest rates, the convenience and security of cheques and lots of useful extras!

A joint MAJOR LEAGUE account can also be opened once one of the account holders is 60+. What's more, once your account is joint with your spouse, he/she can take advantage of the special "MAJOR LEAGUE" benefits, even if he/she is not 60+.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free Club/OneCard and wallet
  • Free TeleBanker
  • Free Unlimited Blue Machine transactions
  • Linx ABM Access at a fee
  • Free admission to TTARP and discounted annual fee for primary account holder ONLY.
  • Waiver of annual card fee on Republic Bank Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards, excluding Republic Bank Signature, Platinum and AAdvantage Credit Cards.
  • No commission on Travellers Cheques
  • 0.25% on CDs greater than $25k
  • 15% discount on Locker Fees
  • ½ of 1% for new loans except seasonal campaigns
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Embassy letters
  • 20% discount on car insurance at Colfire with use of Republic Bank Credit Card
  • Salary Assignment: Yes
  • Spouse/Relative/Friend avails of benefits once the joint accountholder is 60+ and has signing authority on the account.
  • Commission on:
    Local Drafts
    • $5.00
    Foreign  Drafts/Pension Cheques:
    • Purchase - $15.00
    • Encashment – applicable foreign bank charges
  • Lower interest rates and
    50% discount on monthly overdraft service charge.
    Overdrawn account fee applies - $11.50
  • For balances below $10,000 the following will apply
    • no interest
    • $11  Monthly Service will apply
  • Auto Transfers - Free
  • Regular Cheque Books
    2 x 25 - $25; 4 x 25 $35
  • Duplicate Cheque Books
    2 x 25 - $35; 4 x 25 -$50
  • Free encashment of LOCAL Pension and Disability Cheques. Payment for Foreign Pension will be covered under the applicable fees for Foreign Drafts