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Republic Credit Cards


A Republic Credit Card is an easy and convenient way to finance your daily purchases. Discover the unique advantages of each Republic Credit Card and apply at any branch for the credit card that interests you most.

  • Chip-enabled
    Your Republic Bank International Credit Card has Chip and PIN technology which provides you with the benefits of:

    • Unmatched security through unique PIN authorization
    • Faster transactions
    • Global acceptance everywhere, including Europe and UK
  • The Benefits
    • Republic's Reward Programmes
    • BalanceCover
    • Hertz Discounts
    • Interest Free Credit
    • Easy Acceptance at Merchants
    • Instant Cash
    • Convenience
  • Tips on Managing your Republic Credit Card
    • How to make payments on your account
    • The Easy way to pay
    • How Does it Work
  • The Cost of having a Republic Credit Card

Using your Republic Credit Card

Reward Programmes
Whether it's Republic International Visa credit card or Republic International MasterCard, there are many benefits in store for you. Some of them are: 

Republic Bonus Points Programme

Anytime, anywhere, you can earn BONUS POINTS every time you make purchases with your Republic Credit Cards. The more you use your Republic Credit Cards the more BONUS POINTS you accumulate ...the more BONUS POINTS you have, the more you save!

You can redeem your BONUS POINTS for rebates and discounts at over 400 merchants outlets for: Furniture and Appliances, Medical Assistance & Supplies, Gym, Membership Warehouse Shopping, Utilities, Department Stores, Shoe Stores, Jewellery, Gifts, Perfumery. 

Whether you're shopping for clothing, gifts, groceries, buying gas or just dining out, use your Republic Credit Cards and get great savings and rewards with the REPUBLIC BONUS POINTS PROGRAMME.

dvantage® miles programme

Earn dvantage® miles on all purchases made with the Republic Bank/dvantage® MasterCard Corporate Card. These miles can be redeemed for airline award tickets on American Airlines and over 20 dvantage® airline participants across the world including the oneworld alliance. Earn dvantage® miles at thousands of participants across the globe.


BalanceCover gives you protection and peace of mind that your Credit Card balance will be taken care of in the unfortunate event of your disability or death. Your premiums are minimal and based on your outstanding balances at date of billing. With BalanceCover you have the exact amount of protection just when you need it.

Hertz Discounts

Republic Bank International Credit Card Cardholders receive exclusive discounts with Hertz. Get up to 15% Discount on Hertz Rentals (Available in the US, Europe, Latin America, Austrailia, New Zeland, Africa, Middle East and Japan - Percent % Discount may vary per country).

Interest Free Credit

You can receive up to 50 days interest free credit depending on the date of purchase once your outstanding balance, (as advised to you on your statement) is repaid by the Payment Due Date.  

Easy Acceptance at Merchants

Thousands of merchants locally and millions of merchants internationally display the Visa and MasterCard symbols, so your Republic Credit Cards can be used wherever you go.

Additionally, there are no purchase restrictions. You may pay for goods and services up to your available line of credit.

Instant Cash

With your Republic Credit Cards you can obtain cash at any of Republic's Blue Machines or branches nationwide.


There is no need to carry large sums of cash or a cheque book, since your Credit Card can be used at merchants

Tips on managing your Republic Credit Card

How to make payments on your account

Each month an itemized statement will be sent to you. This details precisely how much you have spent, and where you have spent it. The bottom of the statement shows total spending, your minimum amount and the payment due date.

Remember that you must pay at least your minimum payment each month to keep your account current and maintain a good credit rating.

When making a payment use the relevant tear-off payment credit voucher provided in your monthly statement.

Easy Way to Pay

  • Cash and cheque payments can be made through our Blue Machines or at branches nationwide
  • Use RepublicOnline
  • Use TeleBanker
  • Automated Payments

Now, making payments to your credit card is even easier and saves you time…

Simply make arrangements for automatic transfer of funds from your Republic Account to pay your credit card bill!!!

How does it work?

All you have to do is complete the form available at any one of our Branches and tick whether you wish to make your minimum payment or settle your entire balance. The choice is yours

Republic Online gives you funds faster!

Use RepublicOnline to pay your Credit Card and get immediate access to your funds. Visit for more information! All other methods of payment will become available for use in One (1) working

Cost of having a Republic Credit Card

Membership Fee
    There is an annual membership fee attached to your Republic Credit Card.

Interest Charges
    2.0% Interest is charged monthly on transactions which have not been settled by the payment due date.

Cash Advance Fee
    3% of the amount advanced.

Other Charges
    Over limit Fee (minimum US$10.00)

Late Payment Fee
3% of the minimum payment (minimum TT$30.00 / US$8.00)

Points to remember

  • You will automatically receive a new Republic International Visa/Republic International MasterCard four weeks prior to your card's expiry date, and the new membership fee will be charged to your credit card account.
  • Sign your Republic Credit Card immediately upon receipt.
  • Always carry your Credit Card in a safe, secure place. Treat your Credit Card as if it were cash.
  • Never loan your Credit Card. You are responsible for all purchases and cash advances made on your Card.
  • Never give out your Credit Card number to unknown persons or companies.
  • Handle your Credit Card with care. Damaged cards may not be accepted by ABMs or merchants.
  • Changes regarding your address, employment, telephone number etc., must be sent to Republic Bank Limited, Credit Card Centre.
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mailed to you for security reasons. This PIN enables you access to your funds at ATM’s that carry the Visa and MasterCard logos worldwide.
  • In the event your Credit Card is lost or stolen, you should advise the Credit Card Centre immediately by telephoning: 627 - 3348. Written notice should follow within 14 business days.

Please note there is a card replacement fee applicable to credit cards which are lost / stolen / damaged.

Should you have any inquiries about your Republic Credit Card account, please call us at 627-3348 or visit our Customer Service Department, where officials will be more than happy to help you.

Additional information and details are provided at the back of your Statement and we encourage you to read it carefully. Always check your Statement to verify transactions. Any unauthorised transactions should be reported to the Credit Card Centre immediately.